DETRO PAA 2200 base: hydrogen peroxide, stabilizer, auxiliary materials.
DETRO PAA 2200 activator: N-acetylcaprolactam, N-methylpyrrolidone, auxiliary materials.

Active ingredient is 2200 ppm peracetic acid, obtained by mixing the base and activator.

Usage areas:

Detro PAA 2200 applied to products made of stainless steel, highly effective disinfection of surgical instruments, dental instruments, rigid and flexible endoscopes, medical instruments made of glass, various metals, plastics, etc. (rubber, silicone and acrylate).
Provides high-level disinfection.
The solution is suitable for use for 21 days.
Does not contain phenols and aldehydes.
Control of cleaning is carried out by means of test strips.

93/42 EEC Medical device directive class llb.

Microbiological activity / Antimicrobial activity:

Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, sporicidal – for 5 minutes.

Expiration date:

-       in a closed packaging: 2 years

Concentration:: Ready to use.

Scope:: Disinfection of tools

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